MCDS is a consulting company that specializes in quantitative analytics and marketing metrics to give you an accurate outlook of your market, your operations and the performance of your marketing activities.

The strength of our reputation stems from our data mining expertise and our marketing intelligence approach.

You decide the level of engagement:


  • Develop corporate marketing strategies
  • Design marketing plans
  • Decide on marketing budget allocations
  • Develop and deploy marketing dashboards


  • Coaching you in the use and interpretation of corporate and market data
  • Supporting you in the development and use of KPI’s and benchmarks
  • Training you in the use of marketing metrics to measure and optimize your marketing strategies


  • Data collection and analysis,
  • Consumer profiling and segmentation,
  • Geo-spatial retail network optimization,
  • Sales territory design and optimization,
  • DM campaign deployment execution and support
  • Impact analysis of sales and marketing activities.

MCDS consultants help you gather in-depth market knowledge and identify market opportunities in a rigorous quantitative manner. Achieve your sales and marketing objectives. Maximize your ROMI (return on marketing investment); set better sales and marketing objectives.


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