Media Mix Combination

Assess the impact of each of your media investments

With the multiplicity of media, marketing decision makers manage their media budgets as a global investment. But the challenge they have to face is finding the best media mix,  the combination that would provide them with the best performance in terms of marketing impact and increased sales, therefore, they need to identify in which media they have to invest more and which ones should be abandoned because of their low impact.

Comparing a media versus another is no longer enough, the media mix should be considered as a whole, taking into account first, the characteristics of the media (power, cost, targeting capability, advertising effectiveness …), then its ability to meet campaign objectives at the lowest cost, and finally, complementarities and synergies between different media.

MCDS has developed an application that will allow you to evaluate the impact of each of your media investments by segment, by region and even by demographic criteria.

MCDS Media Mix Analysis will help you:

  • Identify low-impact media to avoid them
  • Align your sales with your media spend
  • Evaluate the impact of your media investments on each of your campaigns

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Marketing campaign efficiency

Choose the best marketing mix for more effective campaigns

All the dimensions of a marketing campaign are interdependent. Therefore, they must combine harmoniously to create the perfect synergy for an effective campaign.

At MCDS, we have the tools to analyze each component of your marketing campaigns and see how they can impact the results.

With MCDS Marketing Mix Analysis, you will be able to evaluate the impact of six key dimensions to understand your markets and plan your marketing activities:

  1. The target
  2. The offer
  3. The timing
  4. The place
  5. The message
  6. The media

With MCDS Marketing Mix Analysis, whenever you change one (or more) of the above dimensions, you can view, the impact on the expected return on investment. You can then determine the best offer for each customer segment, using the most appropriate media mix by geographic area. It is this rapid response in the analysis of complex combinations that allows you to save time and money.

With MCDS Marketing Mix Analysis, you’ll be able to plan a campaign knowing in advance the impact of each dimension on the consumer’s response to your initiative.

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Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)

Improve the effectiveness of your marketing investments

Measuring Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI) has become one of the major challenges for marketing professionals. To justify their investment, decision makers should show the effectiveness of every dollar spent.

With our application MCDS ROMI Intelligence, the cost-effectiveness of your Marketing expenses is scrutinized in detail. Our application can significantly improve the return on your marketing investment through evaluating and monitoring each of your marketing activities.

MCDS ROMI Intelligence will help you:

  • Align your sales and your marketing spend
  • Use your previous campaigns ROMI  to plan your future campaigns
  • Evaluate the impact of your marketing investments on each of your campaigns

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