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MCDS offers a broad portfolio of software applications that meets each of your specific needs. Our solutions are the result of expertise gained over the years in various industries.

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Non-Profit organisations (NPO)


With QuibiDo Retail, you will be able to analyze the profiles of your customers and the performance of your campaigns.

Our application gives you the ability to analyze behavioral data (purchase amount, transaction frequency, products purchased, timing…) and demographic information (age, income, language, household size, media preference…), all this to gain a better understanding of your customers, of their behaviors and of their overall monetary value. The objective: know your customers better to communicate more effectively.

With QuibiDo Retail, you can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. You can analyze your campaigns by period, by geographic area, by customer profile, by type of offer, type of media…

The QuibiDo Retail application is ideal for all organisations that have a loyalty program or customer databases and want to get the maximum out of their data and adjust their marketing activities to each customer profile.

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MCDS has more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  We can help in the following activities:

·       Performance Tracking

·       Sales Force Optimization

·       Segmentation and Targeting

·       Forecasting Support

·       Data Marts and Business Intelligence Tools

·       Market Research

·       Decision Support (Analysis, modeling and data mining)

Based on our experience, we adapt our solutions to the needs and the business objectives of each client.

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