Transform your data into a true competitive advantage

Marketers are faced with so many variables and decisions in designing an effective and cost efficient marketing strategy:

  • Today, Marketers have infinite stores of customer and marketing data, the massive amounts of information captured require much time and staff to not only manage it but to make it relevant to decision-makers for planning, monitoring and evaluation purposes
  • Intelligence is not intelligent if it remains static.  As databases grow, as more complex communications channels emerge, and as consumers’ expectations and awareness about their value to organizations grow, so does the need for higher-quality information about customers, in order to better target and adapt communications
  • Providing information that is predictive in nature and quickly accessible for decision-making remains the biggest challenge today.

Faced with these challenges, organizations need to make the right decisions at the right time; they need to make the best offer for their customers taking into account their profiles and expectations, the most appropriate media combinations, competition, the markets evolution and the performance of their distributors.

To enable you to achieve your marketing objectives, we have developed a series of targeted applications that let you:

  • Segment your customers and analyze their behaviour
  • Plan your marketing activities based on their potential ROI and analyze each component
  • Evaluate the performance of your ads including the content, the message and the timing
  • Evaluate the return by media and select the best media combination
  • Generate key performance indicators (KPI), personalized reports and dashboards.

With MCDS you can collect and centralize all your marketing data, be it internal corporate data (customer data, sales data, transactional data, marketing activities data, offers…) or external (demographic data, market data, competitive data, media…). We can merge your customer data and your transactional data, add external and third party data to create a complete customer/transaction database allowing you to generate key performance indicators that will help you identify your best practices.

Such efforts reveal new market opportunities, showcase existing KPI’s and create new ones. We provide you with a lens to better evaluate the impact of your marketing efforts. Our data mining tactics put your growth plans on solid ground.

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